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"We have called on Temporary Wall Systems many times some of which in urgent situations especially during this pandemic. They have set up our OR Recovery area to accept CCU patients, Emergency Room Waiting Area for patient overflow and many other projects including during construction. The response time and customer service has been amazing, and I want to start by thanking Ryan for coming through and getting us everything we needed efficiently and in very fast turnaround. It is not every day you find a company so willing to help out the needs of the customer as if they were their only customer. I highly would recommend Temporary Wall Systems for Construction wall barriers and more urgent type of solutions as mentioned above to help with the temporary changes needing to be made at your facility." ​
"Hi Ryan, I wanted to send a quick note to thank you so much for you and your team's hard work and quick response on our recent project. Our client is extremely grateful for our efforts to get this site ready for testing ASAP." ​
Temp Wall Systems is our go-to provider for temporary construction barriers. They help to keep our many healthcare projects contained and respectable looking. The staff is responsive and always willing to help solve our specific challenges.
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Justin Kane
Senior Project Manager, Walsh Brothers, Inc.
Temporary Wall Systems was a great resource to the Suffolk Construction’s Headquarter Expansion. We already support using TWS in some of our future Healthcare projects that require efficient and clean construction methods.

We will continue to push innovations such as Temporary Wall Systems. With their knowledge of the setup, breakdown, and materials, it’s a win-win situation for our clients. I can envision these products used on all of our Healthcare projects, and any project that looking for ways to achieve quicker construction, and save real money.

​Temporary Wall Systems will ADD VALUE to any construction project. The day after the Temporary Wall System crew set up our system, the Suffolk Labor Foreman said “those guys hit it out of the park, and our job site will keep dust out of the Suffolk Lobby because their installation was flawless. They are making my life easier – how come we don’t use them on all projects?”
Joshua DiGloria
Senior Project Manager, SUFFOLK Construction
"Temporary Wall Systems provides me with fast turnarounds on quotes, they've been extremely accommodating regarding our scheduling needs and most importantly, they consistently provide Starlite with exceptional containment service."
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Connie Cambray
Project Manager, Starlite Building Services
"TWS was extremely responsive in providing the quote and executing the containment under extremely short notice. They were flexible with the many scheduling changes, and our client really loved the opportunity to personalize the containment system to align with their brand."​ ​
Jess Baccari
Project Manager, Siena Construction Corporation
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