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Temporary Wall Systems was founded in 2017 by Juli Lemire and Ryan Lemire. Their goal was to help businesses overcome one of the primary challenges in renovation projects – the containment of dust and debris.

Ryan Lemire worked as a union carpenter in Boston for over 20 years and was very familiar with the many frustrations that come from an active construction site. In particular, he had witnessed thousands of square feet of traditional stud and drywall being used for containment, only to be discarded after project completion. Ryan soon discovered a state-of-the-art modular wall containment unit in use at his job site. He immediately recognized this to be an environmentally responsible containment alternative that would withstand the rigors of an active construction environment.

Putting their combined knowledge and passions together, Juli and Ryan created an amazing opportunity.

Juli and Ryan realized they could satisfy the industry need for superior containment and marry it with a full-service rental solution, which they would offer to general contractors and businesses within the New England area. They outlined a service-oriented business model, developed a strategy for creating vendor partnerships, and implemented the tried-and-true philosophy of “going the extra mile” for their clients because they believe that success is all about the service.

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