UMass Memorial Hospital: Anteroom Installation for COVID-19 Patients

In an effort to slow the spread of COVID-19, Temporary Wall Systems executed another Rapid Response containment request!  Within a few short hours of receiving the call from our vendor partner, Walsh Brothers, our Rapid Response Team was on-site at UMass Memorial Health Alliance Hospital in Leominster, MA installing an anteroom in front of an Operating Room.  Taking these necessary precautions is crucial for safety in healthcare facilities during this time. We applaud UMass Memorial for being proactive and taking additional steps to protect their patients and staff.   

At Temporary Wall Systems, we offer full-service containment solutions, meaning that we rent, install, mobilize, dismantle and remove our modular wall systems. Our team is experienced in the installation of containment systems in a wide variety of settings and can overcome any of the various challenges presented by the environment of healthcare facilities. Whether you’re in need of an anteroom, hallway containment, isolation room, room divider or general containment… our Rapid Response Team is ready to deploy our 24-Hour Emergency Containment Service. Contact Temporary Wall Systems today at 603-893-3532 and “Let’s get COVID-19 contained!”.
anteroom installation in a hospital during COVID-19
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