Winchester Hospital: Proactive COVID-19 Containment

Temporary Wall Systems, LLC. executed another Rapid Response containment request. Within a few short hours of receiving the request, our Rapid Response Team was on-site at Winchester Hospital creating multiple hallway containments to help protect occupants from the spread of COVID-19. Hats off to Stephen Chiavelli and the team at Winchester Hospital for their proactive approach to containment. Thank you for allowing us to install our superior, rentable modular wall containment solution!
Whether you’re in need of a room divider, hallway containment, isolation room, anteroom or general containment… our Rapid Response Team is ready to deploy our 24-Hour Emergency Containment Service. As a Temporary Wall Systems exclusive provider, our temporary walls exceed ICRA grade IV requirements, providing an effective containment solution for hospitals and healthcare facilities.   Contact us today at 603-893-3532 and “Let’s get COVID-19 contained!”
ICRA grade containment in a hospital to prevent the spread of COVID-19
Winchester Hospital - Proactive COVID Containment Project
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