Anti-Ligature Hardware Installation in Healthcare Facilities 

At Temporary Wall Systems, LLC, we take pride in providing superior containment solutions for healthcare facilities that allow daily operations to continue in a safe environment. The health and safety of patients is paramount to our team. In addition to protecting occupants with our hospital-grade containment that provides infection control and contain dust or debris, we also offer anti-ligature door hardware.

We offer installation of anti-ligature products for use in sensitive areas of healthcare facilities, particularly within behavioral health units.

  • These specific units require design considerations beyond that of a typical patient room.
  • Understanding the population that you’re working with and catering to their unique needs is critical.
  • Designing spaces that support safety for patients and staff members is of utmost importance.

Keep reading to learn more about how these locks can support this mission. 

What is an Anti-Ligature Lock? 

An anti-ligature lock is a door lock that is designed to meet the unique challenges being faced in healthcare facilities to maintain the balance between patient safety and security. Also commonly known as a ligature resistant door lock, the design of this hardware helps to protect patients with behavioral health conditions. For security purposes, this type of lock is installed with the locking mechanism controlling the inside of the door and providing unrestricted access on the exterior side of the door. 

Contact us for Anti-Ligature Hardware Installation 

Providing exceptional patient care starts with the environment of the facility. Our team is dedicated to providing healthcare centers and hospitals with solutions that keep the environment safe, so your team can focus on the patients. We’ve worked with several healthcare facilities in the Boston area to provide anti ligature hardware installation. Contact our team at Temporary Wall Systems, LLC today to learn more about our available Anti Ligature door hardware solutions! Fill out an online form or give us a call at 603.893.3532!


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