The Benefits of Renting Temporary Walls for Construction Sites

One question that we get asked all of the time is “what are the benefits of renting temporary walls for my construction project?”. This post will answer this question and much, much more!

Construction managers and contractors hold a wide range of responsibilities when it comes to coordinating all the details of a complex renovation project. One of the first and most important tasks to keep the project moving and ensure the safety of building occupants is installing a containment system. While there are several options to choose from, such as drywall or plastic sheeting, our rentable temporary walls are a superior containment system for any project.

Breaking Down the Benefits of Renting Temporary Walls for Construction Sites:

There are many benefits to renting our modular Temporary Wall Systems for your construction site, from keeping your project on schedule to minimizing disruptions throughout the project, providing airtight dust control, and beyond.

#1: Control

When doing construction or renovation work in any healthcare facility, dust control is crucial to protect the health and wellness of all patients, staff members, and visitors. Without a proper containment system, dust, debris, and airborne particles can spread throughout the building. Since dust can transport bacteria, it can pose serious health risks in any environment, but especially in hospitals.

Our rentable temporary wall systems provide airtight containment that exceeds ICRA IV requirements, making them suitable for healthcare facilities and any industry. Dust control should be a top priority during any construction project, and with the use of our temporary wall systems, dust and airborne particles are effectively contained.

#2: Minimize Disruptions During Construction

One of the primary concerns of clients during construction is how it will affect their day-to-day business. If they plan to remain open during the renovations, it is crucial that they’re able to do so with minimal disruptions. Installing drywall or other containment alternatives to hide the construction is time consuming and often a messy eye sore.

Alternatively, our temporary Temporary Wall Systems panels are installed within hours and provide an attractive real-wall appearance. Our containment system allows businesses to maintain a professional look even during construction. Our walls also provide sound-mitigation, keeping the noise distractions to a minimum. Your clients will greatly appreciate how our temporary walls allow them to continue business operations as normal, without the loud and distracting effects of construction.

#3: Keep Projects Moving on Schedule

We all know how construction projects can get prolonged due to material delays, errors in shipments, and other unforeseen factors out of your control. The last thing you need is for a containment system to hold your project up! With our rentable temporary walls, you can avoid the time-consuming installations of drywall or other alternatives.

Our containment systems can be installed within just a few hours, rather than days. We’ll get your project moving forward and running on schedule, with quick and easy installation of our RENTABLE temporary walls.

#4: Budget-Friendly

Additionally, renting our containment system is a budget-friendly option. You’ll be able to reduce labor costs, and there’s no need to purchase drywall or other materials that will just be thrown away after. With our rentable panels, there’s no need for storage. Our team takes care of everything from mobilizing to installing to removing the walls, as well as maintaining and storing the panels when the project is complete! It’s a quick, easy, and cost-effective solution for containment.

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