Construction Estimators Can Save Resources Through TWS

Estimators are used to working under pressure. Maintaining a realistic approach on paper and in person with stakeholders is an everyday demand.

That’s another reason why Temporary Wall Systems streamlines the way it delivers high-quality containment to construction projects. Keep reading to see how construction estimators can save resources through TWS.

The biggest challenges construction estimators face

Hammering out the finest details of any project comes with many issues. At the forefront are:

  • Cost: Shifting costs, unexpected costs, and overruns. They are unfortunately the norm per reporting from McKinsey & Company. Poor estimates are a key reason.
  • Schedule: The same McKinsey report states that larger projects take 20% longer to finish than the schedule allows for. Making TWS an excellent resource for construction project managers as well.
  • Insurance: Costs are increasing for essential policies, from general liability to delays and defects.
  • Labor: Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) reports that the construction industry is short by half a million people. Companies must make the best use of skilled workers without overextending them.
  • Safety: A fraction of the labor shortage can be chalked up to the fact that construction work is inherently dangerous. Proper training goes a long way, but numerous measures to improve site safety have to be integrated into every plan.

How can TWS help?

Turning to TWS for site containment helps address challenges by:

  • Offering accurate quotes
  • Providing its own labor
  • Working with the client’s schedule
  • Handling all logistics associated with containment
  • Maintaining safe site perimeters with quality temp walls

TWS can take some weight off of the takeoff

A construction estimator may wait to reach out to a supplier and perform post-takeoff pricing inquiries.

However, TWS’ expertise in planning and pricing can save time and improve accuracy. We’ll help scope the project and can even perform a site visit so you have a precise amount of containment materials included on the takeoff.

TWS works with your schedule

This is one of the many perks of using a company that is both a supplier and a genuine service provider. We don’t just handle the logistics of your containment solution; we respond to your schedule.

We deliver, install, dismantle, and remove temporary walls on your time. Many aspects of a project may run over schedule, but not site containment.

TWS reduces waste and labor

Turn-key service means there’s no need to allocate labor to install or remove temporary walls. Plus, temporary walls are a sustainable choice for construction containment. Compare the waste and labor expenditures of temporary walls vs. drywall and the difference is clear.

Additionally, we clean up after ourselves. TWS leaves no debris behind when temporary walls are dismantled and removed from the project.

TWS offers the flexibility you need

Construction estimators are committed to accuracy in planning. TWS is committed to remaining flexible to meet your requirements.

We work with projects of all sizes. Temporary walls are an effective solution for projects completed in phases, short or long-term. Our modular walls can be configured to meet the needs of any floor plan, no matter how the project evolves.

Construction estimators save resources by renting

Labor investment, site cleaning – it all adds up. Let TWS remove any guesswork associated with site containment. Renting our temporary wall systems proves far more efficient than making a final purchase and factoring in material management, installation, storage, and everything else.

Reduce noise pollution, control dust, and serve sustainability efforts with no additional labor or cleanup on your end. Request your free estimate from TWS.

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