Creating Modular Event Spaces with Temporary Walls 

Step into the future of event spaces as we explore the innovative concept of creating modular event spaces using temporary walls. In today’s fast-paced business industry that demands adaptability and efficiency, temporary walls provide a quick and cost-effective means to establish dynamic event layouts.

From crafting pop-out conference rooms, to versatile crowd control containment, to redefining open spaces for events, this article points out the innovative potential of temporary walls for businesses seeking adaptable and practical solutions. These walls offer cost-effectiveness and serve as a branding opportunity for businesses during events, with the option to print their brand on them.

Furthermore, we will discuss their environmental impact and evaluate their ease of installation and removal. These factors make them an excellent option for company or business event organizers who value sustainability.


Benefits of Modular Event Spaces

Temporary walls can be used to create modular event spaces that offer various benefits for different industries and even small businesses. We highlight these benefits below.

Adaptability to Different Events

Trade Expos, Pop-up Booths, Event Conferences:
Modular event spaces can be created using temporary walls to showcase your company’s brand at trade expos, pop-up booths, and event conferences. These walls make it easy for companies to set up a professional space for business opportunities with event attendees.

Crowd Control Solution:
Managing crowds in events such as concerts and sporting events can be problematic if not handled strategically. Temporary walls are useful in controlling crowds and avoiding interference with venue infrastructure during events.


The pricing for modular event solutions is determined by the scale of your project, influenced by factors such as the project’s size, duration, and the specific branding choices you opt for. The cost is tailored accordingly to deliver your expectations while meeting your budget.

Ability to Brand the Walls

You have the option to brand your modular event space with temporary walls for events in different venues. Putting your brand on the temporary walls ensures a tidy and visually appealing look for event attendees and customers by utilizing blank walls or personalized branded wraps.

Environmental Sustainability

As part of reducing waste, modular walls are reusable across projects and industries, making renting the more sustainable option. These walls are designed with eco-friendly materials, utilizing elements with low volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and responsibly sourced FSC-certified wood to limit their environmental impact.

Ease of Installation and Removal

One of the benefits of renting modular walls for event spaces is simply the convenience it offers. During events such as trade expos and conferences, you can focus on your primary business goals while your temporary wall solution service provider handles everything from planning to delivery, including temporary wall installation and removal.


Considerations when Creating Modular Event Walls

Creating modular event walls provides multiple benefits for events, serving as a powerful tool to showcase brand elements. These walls can offer a versatile platform to display information for attendees and customers to stay informed and engaged with your business and brand. It’s also important to consider other things when utilizing modular event walls. Here are some of them below.

Venue Requirements

Certain events held in venues have specific requirements for the layout to meet their event standards. Modular walls can be used in various industries and settings, providing flexibility for a wide range of applications that can include some of the following:

  • Room dividers
  • Outdoor enclosures
  • Interior partitions
  • Privacy barriers

Aesthetics and Branding

Many modular walls are designed with aesthetics in mind and offer clients the option to display their brands on these temporary walls for more visibility. Personalizing temporary walls for your modular space provides a unique touch by also putting promotional posters, agendas, or immersive installations to keep your event attendees engaged.

Sound and Acoustic Considerations

The noise level can be quite high during big events, making it challenging to find a quiet place for important team meetings. Temporary walls have a noise reduction feature that can reduce outside noise by 40%-70%. Planning ahead to create a modular meeting room during these events can provide an effective solution, offering your team a secluded space to meet and discuss important matters.

Fire Safety Compliance

Complying with fire safety standards is one of the most important considerations for creating modular event walls. NFPA data indicates that, on average, 3,750 fires in buildings under construction took place annually in the United States between 2010 and 2014. Modular walls must meet quality standards for materials, adjustability, noise reduction, safety, appearance, and installation, as well as ICRA guidelines.

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