How To Create a Negative Air Pressure Room Using Temporary Wall Systems

A negative air pressure room, sometimes called a negative pressure airflow room, is a specialized type of room that is used to help prevent the spread of airborne contaminants. They are highly effective at stopping the spread of infection, making them incredibly valuable in healthcare settings.

Negative air pressure rooms are also ideal for commercial construction sites because they pull dust and particulates from the air for a clean working space. Creating a negative air pressure room takes the right tools, materials, and knowledge. They are a vital part of keeping staff, patients, and visitors safe.

What is a Negative Air Pressure Room and How Does It Work?

A negative air pressure room is a partitioned structure created inside another building. It is constructed with airtight construction and negative airflow, meaning contaminated air is pulled out of the room and makeup air is pulled in. This keeps contaminated air from flowing to other zones in the building and restricts airborne particles from exiting the negative air pressure room.

Negatively pressurized rooms are used in construction sites, medical facilities, and even manufacturing facilities to prevent particles from entering the working environment or other areas of the building.

By controlling airflow and airborne pathogens, these rooms can provide a safe space for construction work or medical treatment. They can even help restaurants or retailers stay open during renovation without affecting business or customer experience.

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The Benefits of Building a Negative Air Pressure Room in a Healthcare Facility

One of the most important benefits of building a negative air pressure room in your hospital or medical facility is minimizing the transmission of airborne infection between patients and different areas of the building. With the installation of exhaust systems and airtight walls connected to airtight doors, germs and any other form of contamination can be isolated and removed.

An air scrubber can be added to trap germs, mold, and dust in healthcare settings where advanced filtration is needed. The controlled environment and advanced filtration systems are crucial for maintaining a healthy and safe working space.

The Negative Air Pressure Room Construction Process

Building a negative air pressure room starts with installing nonporous walls that help create a sterile environment. At Temporary Wall Systems, we use the industry-leading Aire Guardian Walls from Abatement Technologies.

These specialized walls are durable, reusable, and don’t absorb bacteria or other contaminants. They can be cleaned and sanitized, unlike traditional plastic barriers or drywall.

The Air Guardian Walls have a rubber seal at the bottom and a foam seal at the top, and they can be made airtight for negative air pressure rooms. Our temporary walls come in various panel sizes for easy customization tailored to the specific needs of each job site.
To help aerate and stabilize indoor air quality, a negative air machine is used to draw contaminated air out of the room while simultaneously pulling makeup air back into it.

The negative air machine is installed inside the room, with a manometer fitted to the outside wall. Manometers measure the air pressure inside the room with an easy-to-read digital display. In many applications, this setup is all that is needed to keep workers and customers safe.

An air scrubber can be added to the negative air machine where a sterile, hygienic environment is vital, like operating rooms or isolation rooms with susceptible patients. The Abatement Technologies scrubber uses three different air filters, including a HEPA filter , to ensure pure, clean air for patients.

When installed properly using infectious control guidelines , these rooms are excellent for medical applications or any other purpose that demands strict, germ-free conditions.

Why Choose Us for Your Negative Air Pressure Room Construction Needs

At Temporary Wall Systems, negative air pressure rooms are just one of the many uses for our walls. Our complete wall systems are also rentable, providing more flexibility for your upcoming projects.

With Temporary Wall Systems, you can rest assured knowing that you will receive the highest quality materials and an installation team that can assemble your room quickly and efficiently.

A negative air pressure room is a specialized type of room that helps to keep airborne contaminants from spreading. They are commonly used in hospitals but can also be found in other facilities where infection control or dust containment is essential.

The construction of a negative air pressure room is not a simple process and should only be done by experienced professionals. Our team at Temporary Wall Systems has years of experience building customized spaces, and we would be happy to provide you with a free estimate for your project.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you create a safe and healthy environment for your patients or employees.

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