Why our Rentable Walls are a Good Fit for Hospitals

Are you evaluating the possibility of using rentable walls for hospital construction? If so, you landed in the right place! 

Construction projects in any type of commercial buildings pose a variety of considerations. These considerations become even more complex in a hospital, in order to continue daily operations with minimal disruption to patient care and flow.

During renovations, you may be operating at reduced capacity with floors or wings of the hospital closed, and utilities shut off. Maintaining your standard of patient care in a dust-free, sound-free environment can be very challenging. It’s crucial to keep in mind that you’re dealing with a sensitive population including infants, the elderly, and patients with compromised immune systems.

If the containment of the construction area is not done right, it can even cost lives! Our temporary wall systems exceed ICRA Class IV requirements, allowing for uninterrupted patient care with peace of mind.

Rentable Walls for Hospital Construction Projects: Why They are the Perfect Solution

Keep reading to learn why our rentable wall containment systems are the perfect containment solution for renovation projects within healthcare facilities.


At Temporary Wall Systems LLC, we provide more than just the modular containment systems; We pride ourselves on being a premium full-service company. Our team provides quick and efficient installation, allowing your containment system to be fully installed in only a few hours. We take the measurements, clean it, mobilize it, install it, and remove it when the time comes.

This means your team can focus on the project with minimal disruptions. Because our temporary walls are rentable, you also don’t have to worry about storage when not in use. This makes it simple for you to maximize your space in the hospital, allowing more space to properly care for patients. 

Dust Containment

When it comes to construction in a hospital, the most important consideration is ensuring the safety of patients. Infection control is a necessity in hospitals, ESPECIALLY during construction. Our ICRA approved temporary walls are airtight, keeping dust and other airborne particles contained. Our motto here at Temporary Wall Systems is; “We’re first in, so NOTHING gets out!” 


As a Temporary Wall Systems exclusive rental and installation provider, our modular containment walls are durable and aesthetically-pleasing, helping to maintain a professional look throughout the hospital, even during construction. Our white high-gloss white walls provide a clean and professional look.

They’re also sound dampening, reducing noise up to 50%, which is extremely important in a hospital. Patients can still be treated properly in a quiet and safe environment, without hearing construction sounds like drills, hammers, saws, and other loud noises within the renovation area. 

Want to learn more about the benefits of using rentable walls for hospital construction? Get in contact with our team today to request a custom quote. 

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