What Makes our Temporary Wall Systems Different?

With so many options out there, how do you select the best worksite containment solution for your next construction project? 

As a project manager for construction, you have many responsibilities, and one of the biggest includes how you’ll protect both the workers and occupants of the site. Finding a method to keep the construction contained, including the airborne particles such as dust and debris is crucial It’s especially important if the building plans to maintain day to day operations during construction.

While there are many different worksite containment solutions you could choose, such as drywall, we’re confident that our full-service rentable Temporary Wall Systems are a superior containment solution for any project. They provide a professional appearance for your construction site, while still being strong and durable.

The Benefits of Our Worksite Containment Systems

Our team also provides efficient installation services, taking away the need for storage or disposing of the walls after the project. Keep reading to learn more about how our temporary walls are different and provide more benefits than other containment systems.

Strong & Durable

The first thing you’ll likely consider when choosing a containment system is the durability of our walls. It needs to be able to withstand the commotion of a construction site. Our walls are rugged and strong, making them suitable for nearly any project. They also provide airtight containment, so any dust, debris, or airborne particles from construction will stay in. Temporary Wall Systems panels also exceed ICRA Class IV requirements, making them perfect for healthcare facilities and hospitals

Real-Wall Appearance

Maintaining a professional appearance during construction is important for continuing day to day operations, especially in healthcare facilities or retail centers. The look of construction sites can be off-putting, and can even deter customers from coming in if they think you may be closed due to renovations. Our worksite containment solutions appear to be real walls while being sanitary and clean.

If keeping an aesthetically appealing appearance during construction is a top priority for your client, then look no further than our rentable Temporary Wall Systems! On top of that, they also reduce noise by up to 50% so you can care for patients or serve customers in a quiet and comfortable environment. 

Rentable & Environmentally Friendly

Because our temporary walls are rentable, the environmental impact is almost zero when compared to the alternatives. Our walls are reused over and over again, after being thoroughly cleaned. Therefore, they do not end up in landfills, as drywall likely would. We’re proud to offer construction sites an environmentally friendly alternative for worksite containment systems! 


The best part of working with Temporary Wall Systems, LLC. is that we provide full-service solutions! Our team can have worksite containment systems installed for you in a matter of hours. You don’t have to worry about the installation, removal, or storage of the systems. It’s a highly convenient and cost-effective method for containment! 

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