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We rent, mobilize, install, remove, and store containment panels for a variety of different uses. Our modular wall systems were designed with versatility in mind. Our rentable walls are durable, attractive, and provide a real-wall appearance, making them suitable in any industry to cancel noise and conceal construction projects. We have provided our superior containment solutions hospitals, laboratories, retail centers, restaurants, hotels, data centers, and beyond.

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The applications for Temporary Wall Systems offer endless containment possibilities. If you have a project that may require temporary containment, please reach out for a quote and free consultation.

Meet The Team

Ryan Bufalini 

Ryan Bufalini is the visionary force behind Temporary Wall Systems Detroit, a game-changing venture that redefines construction and renovation projects. With a passion for sustainability and a background as a Senior Executive in the gaming and hospitality industry, Ryan’s expertise extends to diverse applications and design. 

Based in Metro Detroit for 45 years, Ryan’s local connection and extensive knowledge position him as a community asset. He envisions Temporary Wall Systems Detroit as a cornerstone of cost-effective and environmentally conscious construction alternatives, reducing waste and supporting revitalization efforts. Through innovation and a commitment to family values, Ryan is reshaping spaces and contributing to a more sustainable future. 

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