Why a Dust Containment System is Crucial During Construction

Let’s take a look at why installing a dust containment system is a crucial part of any construction project. When starting any sort of renovations or construction in a commercial building, it’s important to consider how the business will continue to operate with minimal disruptions.

Whether it be a hospital, office building, retail facility, etc., one of the most crucial concerns is protecting the safety of the employees and building occupants. Installing a dust containment system to protect their health and wellbeing is a necessity.

Why a Dust Containment System Is a Must for Your Next Project

An ICRA Grade containment system will not only contain dust and debris, but will also help to maintain a professional appearance during construction. We provide airtight temporary containment systems to contain dust and other particles.

As a Temporary Wall Systems exclusive provider, our panels meet ICRA grade requirements, meaning that they are also effective for infection control. Including a dust containment system in your construction site safety requirements is crucial for several reasons.

Employee & Customer Safety

First and foremost, the safety of all employees and customers should be top priority during construction. With all of the equipment and materials that will be on the premises for construction, you need to have a plan in place to keep it contained.

What our walls keep out are as important as what they keep in. In any environment, keeping dust and other airborne pathogens contained is important, but especially when dealing with a vulnerable population, such as in healthcare facilities. 

Infection Control

Project managers have a lot of responsibilities, from planning to budgeting and overseeing the construction project as a whole. At the top of their priority list, especially for those working in healthcare facilities, should be Infection Control Risk Assessment protocols. In hospitals or healthcare centers, an ICRA assessment will be performed before construction begins.

Without a proper containment system, dust, debris, airborne particles, and bacteria can quickly spread through the healthcare environment, putting the patients at high risk. Being proactive and installing a modular wall dust containment system is imperative to provide infection control. Our Temporary Wall Systems panels exceed ICRA requirements, and with our full-service rentable solutions, we make it easy!  

Client Satisfaction 

Lastly, a containment system not only provides dust control, but also allows your business to operate fully with minimal downtime. Construction can be incredibly noisy and therefore deter some business away.

With our containment systems, this doesn’t have to be a concern. Customers and clients will greatly appreciate the sound dampening qualities of the containment systems. The real wall appearance also helps to maintain a professional look during construction.

Overall, the containment system will greatly add to the overall satisfaction and experience of clients entering your business during construction. When you choose to work with Temporary Wall Systems,  LLC. we always go the extra mile. We pride ourselves on providing not only quality containment systems, but also the highest quality services to ensure client satisfaction. 

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We proudly provide our dust control containment systems for construction in many different industries. If you’re interested in learning more about our temporary wall systems, we encourage you to check out our article outlining the benefits of our full-service containment solutions! We’ll also be glad to answer any questions you may have. Reach out to us today at 603-893-3532 and let’s get it contained!  

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