Introducing Our UV-C Clean Machine

Check out our newest weapon in the fight against COVID-19 (and other infectious bacteria).  This UV-C clean machine was envisioned and developed by our team at Temporary Wall Systems with the sole purpose of sanitizing and disinfecting our Temporary Wall Systems modular wall containment panels while using one of the most advanced and effective methods available, UV Light.    

Ultraviolet light is a form of electromagnetic energy whose spectrum of light is just below visible light.  When living cells are exposed to UV-C light, the organism’s DNA, RNA, and proteins absorb the radiation.  This absorption inactivates the DNA and causes the cell walls to rupture. 

UV-C exposure alters the structure and molecular bonds of microbial organisms (such as bacteria) and inactivates them, thus destroying the organism’s ability to grow, develop, function, and reproduce.  Ultra-Violet germicidal lamps provide a highly effective method of destroying 99.9% of microorganisms that spread diseases (bacteria, viruses, mold, fungi, yeasts). 

How Our UV-C Clean Machine Works

Our UV-C clean machine uses this application of UV-C Lighting to inactivate these microorganisms in a process that is also referred to as Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI).  

During the final step of our comprehensive cleaning process modular wall components are slowly passed through the UV-C clean machine within a few inches of the UV Light where the surfaces are exposed to 420 watts of UV Light for at least 20 seconds. 

This NEW advanced cleaning measure is in addition to the rigorous cleaning protocols we follow (air tool, vacuum, wipe down using cleaning and disinfecting products recommended by the CDC, etc.). 

  • It is especially important to thoroughly clean the walls before passing them through the UV-C clean machine since microorganisms beneath dust particles are not affected by the UV irradiation. 
  • This NEW utilization of UV Light, when added to our already meticulous cleaning process, results in thoroughly disinfected modular wall components.    

We also follow strict protocols for installing, moving, and dismantling our containment system to keep germs and particulate from spreading while in they are in use.  As you can see, when you rent our Temporary Wall Systems modular wall containment system you can be confident that they have been meticulously cleaned and disinfected using the most innovative, thorough, and effective methods available.  

We are now offering this advanced cleaning process to those general contractors and healthcare facilities who own their own Temporary Wall Systems modular wall containment inventory.  

Contact us today at 603-893-3532 and “Let’s get it UV-C clean! ”

uv-c clean machine


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