Containing the Coronavirus Outbreak with Temporary Wall Systems

The outbreak of Coronavirus has been spreading and affecting the lives of many, sparking many hospitals to reevaluate the safety precautions they are taking. The Coronavirus originated in China and is a disease that affects the respiratory system in humans. The CDC recommends that healthcare personnel should use standard precautions, in addition to wearing goggles and face shields, and recommends evaluating patients in a private airborne infection isolation room. 

Containing the Coronavirus

We’re dedicated to containing the Coronavirus outbreak! Here are some containment precautions you can take to limit exposure to this serious virus.

The Temporary Wall Systems, which we use exclusively, was specifically manufactured using hospital and cleanroom-grade materials and meets ICRA Class IV requirements. These containment panels can easily be cleaned and disinfected to minimize the spreading of germs and contaminants.

Secondly, we can install an anteroom to provide an added layer of containment and infection control. An anteroom is a smaller containment entry space within a larger containment area that provides a transition space between potentially contaminated areas and clean areas. 

We can equip your anteroom with our available negative air panels, air scrubbers, and digital negative air monitors… making them a perfect solution in critical areas such as hospitals, healthcare facilities, labs, computer rooms or any space that needs to be free from dust or germs. Having an anteroom during a renovation or construction project, fit-up, or maintenance will allow your business to continue day-to-day operations with added protection. We will mobilize, install, sanitize, and dismantle your anteroom so your patients, staff, occupants, equipment, and critical environments protected from dust and pathogens.

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