Temporary Wall Systems, LLC. COVID-19 Safety Plan

As the COVID-19 pandemic evolves, Temporary Wall Systems continues to monitor this situation very closely and employ the necessary precautions to ensure the safety of our team members, our general contractors, and ALL facility occupants.  Below is a list of general safety procedures as well as those specific to COVID-19.

Our COVID-19 Safety Plan:

  • Daily pre-work meetings (cover scope of work, safety reminders, check workers for COVID-19 symptoms, etc.).
  • Limiting work crew to as few as possible to complete daily tasks.
  • Wearing appropriate PPE (boots, gloves, masks, safety glasses, etc.).
  • Practice/Manage new social distancing protocols.
  • Practice/Manage appropriate hand hygiene/etiquette.
  • Practice/Manage appropriate face hygiene/etiquette.
  • Remove workers immediately if they display any symptoms of illness.
  • Additional information below specific to maintaining a clean and sanitary containment system.

You can feel confident that you are receiving not only a superior containment solution, but most importantly in this current climate, a clean and sanitized containment.  

  • Our modular wall containment system is manufactured using hospital and cleanroom-grade materials, which exceed ICRA Class IV requirements.
  • We follow strict protocols for moving, installing, and dismantling our containment system to keep particulate and germs from spreading.
  • We employ rigorous cleaning and sanitizing procedures on all our containment panels (and components) prior to each installation AND dismantle.  
  • We use cleaning and disinfecting products recommended by the CDC.  
  • As an added precaution, our general contractors and/or the hospital staff may periodically clean/wipe down our modular containment system at any time during projects.   


Anthony Caporale

Vice President of Sales and Marketing

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