Temporary Wall Systems Installation (Project of the Month – Retail)

Temporary Wall Systems, LLC – Client – Elaine Construction – Corner Mall, Boston, MA – JP Morgan Chase



Corner Mall, 1 Winter St., Boston, MA – JP Morgan Chase

This was one of the first retail branches to open in the Greater Boston area for JP Morgan Chase.  Providing new lending commitments and investments for Boston residents, it also provided on-demand jobs for the local workforce.

The Challenge: A High Traffic Retail Environment

Temporary Wall Systems, LLC needed to contain the debris within the work area and make sure it did not reach active areas of the Corner Mall, that housed retail, offices, restaurants, and a food court.  Due to the location in downtown Boston we needed to provide enough room for pedestrians to come and go, keeping the hallway clear for traffic flow.

Keeping the pedestrians safe in this busy area was very important!  The Corner Malls occupants, staff, and pedestrians needed a hard wall containment system that would keep up with the heavy flow of pedestrians, as well as a system that was aesthetically pleasing.

The Solution: A Successful Temporary Wall Systems Installation

TWS needed to deliver, install, and dismantle the Temporary Wall Systems wall containment system, allowing for all retail and construction operations to continue with minimal to zero disruption to flow.

Panels could be easily cleaned and disinfected, keeping the public and retail areas free from germs!  Due to the nature of the businesses within The Corner Mall and all the public foot traffic this was of high importance! The wall panels also fell into all the safety regulations that needed to be met by The Corner Malls guidelines for ICRA Class IV and ASTM E-84 Class A for smoke and fire. Another successful Temporary Wall Systems installation!

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