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The Temporary Wall Systems Denver-Aurora, CO team is dedicated to providing containment solutions that meet our customers’ unique needs. Since we opened, our modular containment experts have worked with customers across a range of industries on jobs of varying sizes and lengths. Get in touch to find out more about how we can help you with modular walls around Denver-Aurora, CO.

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About Temporary Wall Systems

Temporary Wall Systems provides a low-maintenance and effective containment solution that is versatile and engineered to provide superior performance in any commercial setting. Secure, environmentally friendly, and attractive, our rentable wall containment systems have applications across many industries and are scalable depending on your project. Our expert technicians provide a fully turn-key service, so you don’t have to worry about setup, maintenance, or removal. Just get in touch to book a free estimate and we’ll take it from there. 

What to Expect

Estimate & Mobilize

We’ll give you a free quote that fits the scope of your project. When you’re ready to go ahead, we’ll clean and sanitize your Temporary Wall Systems, load it into our delivery vehicle and head to your project site.

Deliver & Install

To minimize disruption to your business, we’ll bring the materials directly to your job site on your timeline. Our expert technicians will set up the modular wall system within hours to provide a finished wall appearance.

Dismantle & Remove

When your project is complete, our technicians will return to dismantle and remove your modular wall system, leaving your work area neat and tidy.

Temporary Wall Systems Across Industries

Explore how modular wall solutions work for projects in a range of different industries and applications.

Laboratories & Cleanrooms

Uphold the highest sanitation standards in lab settings.

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Healthcare & Hospitals​

Protect patients and staff with superior infection control. 

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Telecom & Datacenters​

Uphold the highest sanitation standards in lab settings.

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Retail & Shopping Malls

Uphold the highest sanitation standards in lab settings.

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Schools & Universities

Maintain quiet, learning-focused environments for students.  

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Office & Commercial Spaces

Keep workspaces free of fumes and excess noise. 

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Airports & Public Transportation

Keep renovations and expansion projects behind closed doors.

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Hotels &

Keep customer service front and center during renovation projects.

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Temporary Wall Systems Across Industries

Read up on the latest in the modular wall systems and the construction industry to get some insight into how our solutions might fit into your next project.

Meet The Team

Bill Seward – Owner

Bill Seward, owner of Temporary Wall Systems Denver-Aurora, is a Boulder, Colorado native with a deep-rooted connection to the area. This long-standing residence has granted him unparalleled knowledge of the region.

Bill’s career journey has been diverse, ranging from medical sales to management consulting and various aspects of real estate. His real estate expertise, encompassing property, asset, and facilities management, forms the bedrock of his entrepreneurial spirit. His extensive experience in property and asset management, from running his own company, perfectly aligns with the business’s core functions. This expertise, combined with his extensive knowledge of residential and commercial real estate, and facilities, distinguishes him as a capable leader in Temporary Wall Systems. In his personal life, Bill has been married for 24 years and is a proud father of two children.

Temporary Wall Systems seeks to address a crucial service gap. Because of Bill’s background and dedication, he is uniquely positioned to fill this gap.

Bill’s experience equips him with a versatile skill set, making him an ideal candidate to drive change in various industries. Temporary Wall Systems Denver-Aurora is poised to transform possibilities into realities, rooted in Bill’s local ties, business acumen, and commitment to meeting community needs.

Things We Like to do in Denver-Aurora, CO

The Denver-Aurora, CO area offers a blend of city energy and outdoor adventure, set against the stunning Rocky Mountains backdrop.

If you’re in Denver-Aurora, CO and looking to explore exciting places, don’t miss these options:

  • Rueter-Hess Reservoir offers a peaceful getaway for boating and picnicking, surrounded by natural beauty.
  • At Sunburst Park, you can enjoy a day of outdoor fun with a playground, walking trails, and a beautiful lake.
  • Lantern House is a cozy, family-owned restaurant serving delicious comfort food in a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

If you’re starting a project that requires modular walls or rooms in Denver-Aurora, CO, contact Temporary Wall Systems. Our service is known for its cleanliness, efficiency, and customization to your specific requirements. Call today to get your free quote.

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