Industries That Can Benefit From our Temporary Wall Solutions

Let’s take a look at why temporary construction walls are a good fit for most construction projects, regardless of your industry. During construction and renovations, keeping the mess contained, preserving workspace flow and maintaining a professional look can be a daunting challenge.

We provide temporary hard wall containment systems that are suitable for nearly any worksite within healthcare, institutional, commercial, or industrial setting. Our rentable Temporary Wall Systems protect your facility, job site, and most importantly the facility occupants!

Here are a few of the industries that can benefit from our full-service rentable construction wall solutions. 


In the healthcare industry, shutting down is not typically an option during renovations and construction. The facilities still need to be able to operate and treat patients in an uninterrupted environment. Having a durable temporary construction wall system that contains any dust, debris, and airborne pathogens is especially important in a medical facility for infection control.

We exclusively use Temporary Wall Systems that exceed ICRA Class IV requirements when installed properly, meeting the highest standards of the health care industry. Our temporary construction wall systems also keep the noise to a minimum, so medical facilities can still operate comfortably. 

Restaurants & Retail

When doing construction at a restaurant or retail center, your profits can suffer if you have to fully shut down. Using our temporary wall systems, your business won’t miss a beat! You can maintain a professional look even during construction. Our containment systems are attractive, while still being durable and strong. You can be renovating one area of the shopping center, while customers are still enjoying the shops on the other side! 

Telecom & Data Centers 

Our containment systems are also beneficial for telecom and data centers to protect your most valuable assets. During construction, dust and debris can travel throughout your building, making a mess. With airtight sealing, our wall systems keep your work environment clean and safe while maintaining a professional look. 


Renovating an academic building can be an exciting time, whether you’re adding new classrooms or upgrading technology. It’s especially important that an educational facility be kept clean and quiet, as classes must go on. Our rentable wall systems keep the mess contained, so there will be minimal disruptions on campus! 


Our containment systems are also suitable for laboratories, keeping the dust and debris out of sensitive areas. Rentable wall systems are efficient and cost-effective, so you don’t have to purchase walls, install, maintain, and store them afterward. We’re a full-service company that rents, mobilizes, installs, and removes the wall for you in a timely manner to reduce any downtime. 

Hotels and Hospitality

Hotels can benefit tremendously from temporary walls due to the nature of the business. When renovations are taking place, protecting the guest experience is of the utmost importance. With Temporary Wall Systems, hotels can wall off areas under construction to reduce noise pollution, increase worker and guest safety, and ensure the visual appeal of the inhabitated areas of the hotel are maintained.

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